Superflash Studio
Studies dates: 2009 - ongoing

Energy Certification in Residential Buildings:
The energy certification aims to rank (from A+ to G) each building or fraction and inform the owners, buyers or tenants about the energy efficiency and energy consumption expected in its current use.

Energy Certification in Services Buildings:
In addition to energy efficiency, it is intended to assure users that the building or fraction ensures proper indoor air quality. The energy certificate contains all these info.

Among developed and finalized certification made by Superflash Studio, we highlight the following:

Residential buildings
• Condominium located at D. Manuel Street, Mourão, Portugal
(12 houses and 5 flats);
• Three residential buildings located in Quinta do Trevo,
Olhão, Portugal (26 dwellings);
• Residential building located on Ceuta Avenue, in Quarteira, Portugal (28 dwellings);
• Building located at Infante Santo Street, Portugal (20 dwellings);
• Building located in Volta das Amendoeiras Street, Portugal (16 dwellings).

Service Buildings
• Galp service station, in Covilhã, Portugal;
• Galp service station, in Carnaxide, Portugal;
• Galp service station in Calçada de Carriche, Lisbon, Portugal;
• Galp service area, in Trajouce, Cascais, Portugal.